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“Thursday Night Talks”  is Ladue's parent portal for
exchanging and engaging in timely, thought provoking topics every parent and teen should be talking about.  Approximately once a month you will receive a text which will include a topic to discuss with your child(ren) prior to the weekend.

Simply click on the link in each text and you will find a simple one page format providing evidence based information empowering you the parent to have these discussions with your child.

Collaboration stimulates dialogue. Courageous, thoughtful dialogue builds bridges.

Join us! Learn more! Grow with knowledge!

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Obligatory Disclaimer

The Ladue Coalition is a group of involved parents with the passionate mission to keep the Students of the Ladue School District safe from the effects of substance abuse by offering readily available educational information to both the parents and youth.
Information provided is solely as a resource. The coalition is not directly affiliated with the Ladue School District, nor NCADA. Any information provided herein is to be solely educational and does not constitute any representation of counseling services. The coalition serves only to initiate courageous conversations with topical discussion points during the School year.
Parents and guardians are encouraged to seek professional services should they notice any warning signs, including but not limited to behavioral changes, evidenced by any minor child in their custody. The Ladue Coalition serves only in the capacity to bring awareness. Please call 911, or contact a professional, for immediate help.