Meeting Notes


Dec, 6th, 2017

Discussed Drunk Goggles Event for school.

  • Drunk Goggles Event for school.
  • Event with Pedal Cars for Ladue Schools
  • Review of Clayton MADD event.
  • Coach Harder health class goggles possibilities.  Need to have time to discuss best use of goggles.
  • Cup Stacking Event
  • Dr. Ross discussed TNT program content
  • Brad, approved starting of texting.
  • MO Survey still in limbo
  • Grant for Goggles Events
  • Grant for Pens and Window Stickers, New yard signs
  • MO DESE memo to all school admins
  • First Text going out Dec. 14, second text going out Dec 21st.
  • Find out cost to change the scope for the TNT program to allow for questions and then provide live feedback with results
  • Mark to inquire of Brad RE: TNT and PDC?
  • Mark to inquire of Brad/IT guy re: Images/ GiF
  • Discussed "Jewling" the new E-Vape wave going thru school
  • Discussed having a MADD or MADD like presentation with role playing , question and answer session  March 6th. as a LHWHSPA  Power of Parents  Scenerios for parents to share with kids.





Nov. 9th 2017

New Logo Approved



Discussion Items.

Moving meeting night to Wednesday. This is an effort to try to increase attendance.

Another idea to increase membership is to schedule a speaker for parents/students and then invite/recruit from the parents that show up for the speaker.

Vaping and Jewling - this is a new phenomenon here at the high school - it is the talk of the young people at this time, carried at Circle K - also dealt at Ladue High School, concerns about the devices being obtained from a contractor that is working at the school...

Students in health class at Ladue High School are getting a lesson on e- cigarettes, hooka, ETOH, THC and prescription drugs and heroin. This reaches all students taking health class (freshman).

Principal at Ladue High School reports the school has Narcan on site and staff are trained to use it. All Laude School nurses are trained.

Call Brad re: status of TNT

Speakers - Plan to schedule a date in February - ? 10th

The Power of Parents - MADD will come and provide this education

Will plan to recruit members for our coalition from there. Consider having another speaker later in the year - Hidden In Plain View sponsored by Addiction is Real (AIR). The coalition will attend the meeting at the Clayton High School on January 17th, 2018 7pm-9pm. We will also attend the Power of Parents sponsored by the Clayton School District Coalition on November 28th at 7pm-8:15 (Wydown Middle School).

Get more participation at meeting by having NCADA to provide speakers.

Katrin is working with Cassie to setup Listening Sessions for high school students put on by NCADA. Logistics doing it over lunch (15 min duration),  might not be enough. Do it over study hall on blue or white day.   Freshman and SophomoreHow to provide food for kids.

Ladue participating in MO Survey again this year. We are currently not able to share or discuss the data that was collected last school year. They will sign up for the next survey to betaken between January and March 2018. This is a normal testing year. They will send out a letter to parents so they are aware of the survey and they could opt out.

Mark Biernacki was invited to talk to the Parent District Council Board

Dec 7th 1230 - all of the PTO send representatives and then they report back to the PTO and the other schools.

We discussed the listening sessions and talked about having this at the LMS - 8th graders (?7th graders). Hoping for groups of 15 kids - will work with Jamie Worthington (counselor at the LMS for 8th graders).

Next meeting December 6th, 2017 - NCADA - will try for Wednesday nights to see if more parents can attend.

Changed from the second Thursday of the month to the first Wednesday of the month at the high school, at 6:30pm-8pm,in the front conference room of the building.

Meeting Notes


Oct. 12th 2017

New Logo Proposed


Coalition Flyers approved.



Announcements made about upcoming programs:

Clayton "Power Of Parents" program Nov 28th.
4th Annual Legislative Conversation  Nov. 15th 10am-12pm LINK


We discussed Opioids and Fentanyl  issues in the Ladue community.  How easy it is to access, and issues affecting our area.


We discussed using the next Mini Grant for a program of ParentUpSTL

We are still looking for a Social Media person.

We are looking for more participation from area residents.

Using Narcan or Drug Testing Kits training to facilitate more participation from residents at meetings.  Cassie will investigate.   Perhaps an RDF for purchase of testing kits.


We discussed high school sports teams use of drugs and consequences of that.


We discussed using HootSuite service to add content to facebook page perhaps adding TNT content.

Send Meeting Reminders via facebook.  We need to send out an email to advertise our facebook page.  Majority of parents are on facebook, kids are on Instagram.


We discussed using donated gift cards as door prizes.


BHR (Behavioral Health Response) a local non profit has a 24hr hotline for any mental health issues.


Create Mailchimp mailing list for LCAUD


Three things for next meeting.

  1. Party Bus Discussion
  2. Teen Listening Sessions
  3. Facebook Help...

Next Upcoming Events

  1. Tobacco Training
  2. Legislative Conversation
  3. Remembrance Dinner
  4. Youth Mental Health First Aid


We are going to write an RDF for color printing of 3 flyers (200 ea.) and pens, and rubber bracelets, fidget spinners etc.. for local events to raise awareness of the Ladue Coalition.  Perhaps handout at the Olivette Turkey Trot.


Doug C. suggested getting participation from local Realtors to provide flyers for the coalition at open houses to demonstrate the community cares about our youth. Perhaps a Realtor could sponsor it. (ie Patershuk)



Sept. 14th 2017

Meeting Notes

Announcement made about two upcoming programs:

  1. "Written Off" private screening of a story of a young man's 10 year struggle with addiction. This film puts a human face on drug dependency. 75 minutes. Location: The Ethical Society of St. Louis, 9001 Clayton Road 63117.
  2. Expedition Prevention - Prevention Leadership Conference 2017 for teens. Teens will network with 200 local teens, hear national speakers, and choose from 20 break out sessions. Friday and Saturday Nov. 3rd and 4th. Location: Holiday Inn St. Louis SW Routte 66 10709 Watson Rd. 63127.  Register at plcstl. org Cost 50$.

Thursday Night Texts - through the school

Doug was not able to attend the meting tonight. However, we discussed the plans for the texting topics.

Content is already on the website. Needs to be approved by Brad and his group at the High School.


We discussed an email that was received asking how to discuss the Homecoming Party bus plans with their sophomore student without being the "mean parent".

  • It was recommended that any parents who is considering sharing/renting a party bus - they need to be aware of the risks and liability of utilizing this bus.
  • Talking with the teen about why they are interested in the bus, what they are hoping to accomplish by utilizing the bus, etc. - safe transportation is encouraged.
  • Alternative safe party places should be offered, considered
  • A coalition in Kansas City has drafted a handout that includes some tips on what to ask the bus company and ways to ensure it is safe

Cassie again suggested we have some small focus groups/sessions with the students to learn about the sources of alcohol in the community, who is providing the alcohol?, where are they consuming it?

  • during lunch? - brief listening sessions
  • seminar? - second class of the day
  • engage the Parent Association to sponsor this? versus the coalition coming in to do this (may not be well received)
  • Cassie will come up with some bullet points to share with the Parent Association
  • Consider $5 gift cards for participants, food (pizza, cookies)

Cassie reminded us about a Program/handbook for talking with teens with alcohol - sponsored by MADD and invite the students/parents. This program is called Power of Parents and is is a free program.

Won't be in time for homecoming but will provide opportunities for learning. Power of Parents Program - Mark Bernacki will talk with the High School Principal about this. Consider having a parallel meeting for teens where they can do a focus group/listening session.


  • will have a table at the upcoming event - "written off" and will try to attract new members there
  • Some of the top concerns of the group from the original meeting:
    • Peer pressure
    • School policies about dances and parties
    • Parent education and culture
    • Liability /legal consequences that are not known by parents

Do we need a Facebook Page? Suggested by Cassie

  • presence on facebook - share TNT stuff on there
  • share information about meetings

Consider sending out a flyer in the Peachjar with information about party buses to parents - talking points

Also - we need a logo for the Ladue coalition sponsored by the NCADA

Consider approaching a student that has interest in this and skills in digital media.

Parent Up - a whole campaign to talk to your kids in general

  • NCADA has access to this programing - they have a media toolkit, other coalitions have used this toolkit for their community (Jefferson County)
  • check out